USMC Attack Helicopters • Minigun Shoot

USMC Attack Helicopters • Minigun Shoot | World War Wings Videos

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Minigun In Action

The Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 167 of the US Marine Corps conducted close air support training on August 12, 2022, as part of the Northern Strike 22-2 exercise. 

Two helicopter gunships were used during the exercise: the Bell AH-1Z Vipers and Bell UH-1Y Venoms.

In this video filmed by Sgt. Servante Cobra of the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing, we get to see the Venom use its M-134/GAU-17 minigun. The minigun shoots 7.62mm caliber rounds from its six barrels at rates of between 3,000 to 4,000 rpm. 

Its multi-barrel design helps prevent overheating while enabling it to have a higher firing rate. The gun also uses an MAU-201/A or MAU-56/A delinking feeder system to streamline the reloading process.

Aside from the UH-1Y, helicopters such as the UH-1 Iroquois, OH-6 Cayuse, and AH-1 Cobra, operated the guns during the Vietnam War.

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