USS Fitzgerald Crash – Could It Have Been An Act Of Terrorism?

USS Fitzgerald Crash – Could It Have Been An Act Of Terrorism? | World War Wings Videos


Run And Hit.

A few days ago the USS Fitzgerald collided with a large cargo ship 56 miles off the coast of Tokyo Bay. As a result, seven sailors lost their lives from the traumatic impact and the extent of damage to the USS Fitzgerald is still unknown. An investigation into the incident has gone underway and military officials have announced that they have not ruled out the collision as an act of terrorism.

The ocean is a pretty big place and it is not often that large ships crash into one another. If ships that size do crash without noticing one another, it is often attributed to severe negligence or it was done on purpose.

ABC News

The questionable part of the incident is a sharp U-turn made by the cargo ship 25 minutes prior to the collision. The company that owns the cargo ship denies the U-turn but tracking tells a very different story.

The investigation is still in its early stages and fortunately, the efforts of the crewmen about were able to save the ship to more lives weren’t lost. But seven men are still dead and officials want to find who is responsible for their loss. ABC News goes into further detail on the developing investigation concerning the USS Fitzgerald crash.

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