Video Of How You Take Off In A Cub In About 2 Seconds

Video Of How You Take Off In A Cub In About 2 Seconds | World War Wings Videos

CubCrafters / YouTube

Easy Does It.

Ever since we first saw a bush pilot do his or her thing, we fell in love with the Cub. They’ve been around since 1938 and people have been flying them ever since. As of today, almost 20,000 of them have been built.

In this video, you’ll see one of the newest version of this plane. It’s called Carbon Cub because this one is made of, well, carbon. It’s incredibly light (weighs 300lb less than the Super Cub) and has a more powerful engine. As you’ll see, it can pick up that airframe and pilot in seconds.

Some Piper Cubs were fitted with bazookas during World War II.

What makes this particular video great is the fact that it shows how easy it is to fly this plane. Seriously. The interior footage will simply show you that lowering the flaps for a bit, cranking the throttle and a gentle pull of the stick after two seconds will get you airborne. There’s more to it, of course, but it seems pretty simple for someone who has never flown and wants to give it a shot.

If any of us here at World War Wings eventually man up and get a pilot’s license, you can bet we’d get one of these.

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