WARBIRD ENGINE STARTS Vol.3 | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / PaddyPatrone

Turn Up the Volume!

Warbirds are vintage military or civilian planes that were used during wartime, and fortunately, many groups and individuals from around the world have been restoring, displaying, and flying these warplanes.

The video features big warbird engines on start-up. It is a pretty impressive collection of aircraft, and nothing’s better than the sound of engines and aeronautical designs. Amazing that these warbirds are still kept in flying condition and very satisfying to see and hear.

We got to say that the Griffon Spitfire startup was pretty violent, and we absolutely love the supercharging revving up on the Bf-109. The inverted V12 Benz sounded awesome as it’s so much throatier. There’s no doubt that the sounds of these old warbirds blew us away. Love the sound of these engines.

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