Water Bomber Accidentally Releases Fire Retardant On Village Street

Water Bomber Accidentally Releases Fire Retardant On Village Street | World War Wings Videos

combatlear-jet / Instagram

Not What They Expected.

We found this short clip on Instagram while looking for something else, and it dawned on us that we should definitely show it to you folks too. Not only because we really admire the work of fire bombers and their crews of course, but because we simply don’t get what the hell happened here.

Let us explain.

Unlike YouTube, Instagram videos typically don’t have long descriptions of what happened or where, so they just show a clip, make you laugh or cry or whatever, and nobody cares about the story. Well, we do, but after a lot of time of searching, we still have no idea how this came to be.

For one, the village doesn’t seem to be on fire. People are not running away, on the contrary actually, just standing on the road filming the plane coming toward them. Out of nowhere though, the bottom of the plane opens up and douses the entire crowd in fire retardant and you can see that the cars and the buildings in the back get smeared all over.

It’s funny to see actually as we don’t think anyone got hurt, but irritating that we don’t know if that was an accident, a stunt or what. If any of you know anything about this incident, let us know in the comment section. Thanks!

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