We Caught One Of The Best P-51 Flybys Of ALL TIME

We Caught One Of The Best P-51 Flybys Of ALL TIME | World War Wings Videos


This Is Pretty Awesome.

Sometimes, simplicity is key. What we mean is that although we appreciate all aspects of aviation, at times it’s best to just have some fun. We often show you videos that date back to World War II and give a history lesson here and there, but this video is not that. It’s short and to the point and features a P-51 Mustang. That’s it. That’s all.

The reason we really like this particular video is its setting. Typically, flybys like these are performed over an airfield or runway. They’re also controlled by the FAA and at airshows buzzes are typically kept at a significant distance.

In this video, someone caught one over a busy street with a number of people and cars passing by. It whips into the frame and then banks right over the fence, people stopping to admire this rare occasion. As always, that license built Merlin sounds beautiful, something every warbird fanatic can agree on.


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