We Didn’t Know You Can Land A Plane In 0 Feet Until We Saw This

We Didn’t Know You Can Land A Plane In 0 Feet Until We Saw This | World War Wings Videos

ViralHog / Rumble

Backcountry flying, otherwise known as bush flying, is a whole different world of aviation. Although many FAA rules apply, bush pilots fly and get away with things that many commercial or just regular pilots could even comprehend. Or come up with.

Bush pilots take off and land in the weirdest places. From river beds to tucked away stores in small Alaskan towns, these pilots can make use of regular roads to get to where they’re going as long as it is safe to do so. They also don’t need a lot of space as you’ll see in the video below.

One of the most widely used backcountry planes is the Super Cub series. These aircraft are small and ultralight.

Here are some of their specifications:

  • Length: 26′ 3″
  •  Height: 8′
  •  Wingspan: 38′ 11″
  •  Wing Area: 223.5 square feet
  •  Cabin Width: 27.5″ @ pilot position
  • Cabin Height: 53.5″ @ pilot position
  • Usage Cabin Volume: 93.5 cubic feet
  •  Empty Weight: 1440 lbs with 35″ Bushwheel Tires
  •  Gross Weight: 2400 lbs
  •  Useful Load: 960 lbs

With such small, light frames, these planes are capable of STOL, or short take-off and landing. This makes them ideal for backcountry flying as they can land and take off from practically anywhere.

In the most extreme cases and in the hands of a capable pilot, the video below will show you what these things can really do.

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