We Might Be Getting A New Attack Chopper Soon–So Quiet

We Might Be Getting A New Attack Chopper Soon–So Quiet | World War Wings Videos


Lookin’ Good!

Most people didn’t even see this helicopter yet, nor even know about it. It’s not at all secret, however, it hasn’t been in the public eye yet. What were’ talking about is the Sikorsky S-97 Raider. It’s quite a machine to say the least.

The idea behind this revolutionary looking helicopter is speed. This is a proposed attack and scout helicopter by Sikorsky, as the Army was starting to look for a replacement for its aging Bell OH-58D Kiowa Warrior fleet back in 2010. They made this aircraft as a contender, simply to show the U.S. military what their new design can do.

After years of perfecting their design, this “first flight” video surfaced in 2015. It’s “variable speed rigid coaxial main rotors” are one of the things that make this helicopter so special. This coupled with its pusher propeller in the back let it reach a speed of 276 mph. That’s extremely impressive for a helicopter by any standard.

Also, this rotor configuration gives it tremendous maneuverability. It can pull 3Gs without much strain on its airframe and so far every test it’s been given was surpassed and then some.

Last but not least, take notice when it hovers in the video. It’s extremely quiet for its size!

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