When Your Girlfriend’s Snore Sounds Like A WWI Fighter

When Your Girlfriend’s Snore Sounds Like A WWI Fighter | World War Wings Videos

relaxonline / Rumble

The internet is full of incredibly creative and funny videos, but when it comes to aircraft, it’s pretty hard to take a tool of war and make it funny and/or entertaining. Until now.

While perusing the interwebs as we typically do, we came across a video titled, “Snore level: airplane” and thought, “what the hell. Let’s see what this is about” and we’re glad that we did.

Aviation fans can definitely appreciate that the toy used in this video is none other than the Red Baron, which was a famous Fokker DR Dreidecker flown by Manfred Von Richtofen during World War I.

We first thought the girl in the video was just flying on a commercial aircraft and was snoring very loudly. It turned out we have severely underestimated that creativity of the guy who took the video.

What it ended up being is him capturing her while she snored, but also grabbing a World War I era tri-plane toy and making it pass through the screen every time she snored.

The end effect is simply hilarious. Check it out below.

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