Why Japan Could Never Beat US Carriers

Why Japan Could Never Beat US Carriers | World War Wings Videos

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The Reason

You probably heard in dozens of documentaries how dozens of carriers and thousands of aircraft outnumbered and outperformed the Japanese during WWII. But why is it that Japan can never beat US carriers?

In 1941, early on in the war, the US Navy carrier force was dressed to impress but didn’t really have any depth. It had to be economical, and massive repairs and overhauls were a drain on combat mass. However, two years later, there was a massive expansion in logistics, maintenance, facilities, and technicians.

This enabled the Navy to come up with a more flexible system fitted to the Navy’s carrier doctrine keeping the planes in the sky where it mattered most. Also, Japan didn’t have the essential resources to sustain a war with America, the way the latter could.

What are your thoughts on this?

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