Willys Jeep cold Start in a hard freeze

Willys Jeep cold Start in a hard freeze | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / River Ridge 4x4

A Stranded Jeep

Being stuck in Mississippi while covered in sheets of ice did not stop this Willys jeep from starting up. 

However, the video uploader did encounter problems with some of its semi-frozen parts. First, he had to tinker with the ignition, which felt very stiff at the start. Then, the jeep’s starter motor Bendix drive decided not to play along. He had to pump it a few times while turning the ignition before the jeep could finally start. 

Nevertheless, the owner still wanted to drive his Willys MB, but a frozen windshield quickly shot that idea down. To his credit, he did attempt to get rid of the ice by scraping it with the bottom of a deodorant bottle.

As you might have expected, that didn’t yield a successful outcome – at least his jeep is still up and running!

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