Workers Find WWII Bomb Under Japanese Nuclear Power Plant

Workers Find WWII Bomb Under Japanese Nuclear Power Plant | World War Wings Videos

(Toru Hanai/Reuters)


The Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant has certainly seen better days since it was ripped apart by an earthquake and flooded by a tsunami back in 2011. Slowly but surely workers have been struggling to undo the damage caused by the radiation leaks and to clean up the wrecked facility. However, an already bad situation has turned worse as the clean-up crews unearthed an undetonated WWII-era bomb at the site.

Fukushima was a former military base of Imperial Japan and it was no stranger to bombings from Allied Forces. Decommissioning the power plant is expected to take up to 40 years to properly complete and the discovery of a WWII-era bomb is complicating matters even further. The device is suspected to be an incendiary bomb used by the B-29 Superfortress during raids from the later stages of WWII.

Bomb squads were called in to properly dispose of the aging munition but at this point, there is no telling how many more bombs will be unearthed as the decommissioning continues. Fukushima is already a volatile area of nuclear radiation and the last thing the site needs is a bomb going off.

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