World War II-era Aircraft Fly Over

World War II-era Aircraft Fly Over | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Team Armata Solid

Extraordinary Planes

American airpower has been vital to the victory of the allies in World War II. Some of the most legendary and iconic warbirds flew over the skies of Europe and the Pacific, cementing their legacy. These planes have been symbols of courage and sacrifice that have become extraordinary treasures in the present times.

In the footage, we various WWII-era aircraft like the B-17 Flying Fortresses, a PT-19 trainer, and P-51 Mustang fighters do a flyover and land at the National Museum of the Air Force (NMUSAF) at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. Taken in May 2018, these planes were also put on display to the public during the opening of the Memphis Belle exhibit at the NMUSAF.

What’s your favorite WWII warbird? Let us know your thoughts!

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