World’s Biggest MODEL Airport

World’s Biggest MODEL Airport | World War Wings Videos

YouTube 'Videospotter (HamburgMobile)'

This Will Blow You Away!

Can we all take a moment to appreciate just how impressive this model airport looks? The amount of details is stunning! At first glance, I was under the impression that this is a real, full size airport — not a miniature one. The moving cars, traffic, even the goth kids in the parking lot — wow, so much thought has been put into this. The crash with the blaring sirens and ambulance at the end is insane. Kudos to everyone involved in this ‘project’. Perhaps right now, we all have the same question: “How did they do this?” It’s superb to say the least!

By the way, this aviation wonderland is located in Hamburg, Germany so if you want to see this really cool stuff up-close, book your tickets. At least I know now where I’m going on my next vacation or maybe what I’m going to ask Santa this year. Lol.

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