World’s First Electric VTOL Jet – The Flying Car Is Finally Here

World’s First Electric VTOL Jet – The Flying Car Is Finally Here | World War Wings Videos



Since the dawn of the Jet Age, society has dreamed where flying machines were there for the common man. Flying machines invaded pop culture everything from the Jetsons to NASA research labs showed that man wanted to fly. Six decades have passed since we entered the space age but there still are no flying cars for the common man, until now.

A company called Lilium has crafted something that will fulfill the fantasies of flying cars, the world’s first electric powered vertical take-off, and landing jet. This innovative design is free of emissions, very fast, doesn’t create a lot of noise and will enter service as a taxi-like transit system.

“Lilium enables you to travel 5 times faster than a car by introducing the world’s first all-electric vertical take-off and landing jet: an air taxi for up to 5 people. You won’t have to own one, you will simply pay per ride and call it with a push of a button. It’s our mission to make air taxis available to everyone and as affordable as riding a car.”


While the program is starting out as a taxi service, personal Lilium units can’t be too far off after the dust gets settled. The concept of a flying car sounds too good to be true, but just check out the Lilium’s maiden flight in this clip.

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