Worst WWII Naval Disaster Finally Got Its Own Spine-Chilling Movie

Worst WWII Naval Disaster Finally Got Its Own Spine-Chilling Movie | World War Wings Videos


Whatever It Takes To Keep This History Alive.

We definitely respect movies about World War II, as they keep stories alive that would otherwise be forgotten. As we inch closer and closer to this horrific war being fought almost 100 years ago, less and less young people realize the scope of what actually transpired.

This story is yet another one that probably relatively few people know. It’s the story of the USS Indianapolis which was tasked with a top secret mission. Since it’s historical, we’ll go a bit into the story with hope we don’t spoil the movie for anyone since we’ll assume most of you know about this tragedy.

A total of two real World War II planes were used for filming.

The crew of cruiser ship USS Indianapolis was tasked with transporting enriched uranium and parts for the atomic bomb Little Boy. Highly classified, they received no escort while they navigated the hostile waters near the Philippines.

They were hit by a Japanese torpedo from a submarine and the ship sank. Out of the 1,196 crewmen onboard the vessel, 880 survived the sinking. By the time they were rescued a few days later, only 317 survived. This movie tells their horrific story.

As a side note, there was also a lot of controversy attached to this sinking. For more really interesting facts, see this site as to what horrible aftermath the captain had to face.

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