WW1 Airplane Will It Start After Years?

WW1 Airplane Will It Start After Years? | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Jimmys World

Sweet Gem of a Plane

Will this WWI replica plane start after years of sitting in its shed? Well, we always love seeing home-built aircraft back in flying condition. Watching old planes fired back up and going is always awesome. 

YouTuber Jimmy from Jimmy’s World got a Curtiss JN Jenny- the original one was first introduced in 1915, and more than ninety percent of American pilots during WWII received primary instruction on Jenny. 

And we got to say, we’re definitely impressed because we honestly never thought it would start. The thing does start and runs as good as it does. Hopefully, we can see this take to the sky one day. No doubt that this plane is most definitely a keeper! 

Do old WWI planes fascinate you? Let us know your thoughts!

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