WW2 FOOTAGE: B-25 Mitchells Attack Japanese Ships

WW2 FOOTAGE: B-25 Mitchells Attack Japanese Ships | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / hw97karbine

Incredible WWII Footage

In this footage, we get to see B-25 Mitchell gunships attack Japanese ships off Ceram on November 9th, 1944.

YouTube / hw97karbine

There’s no doubt about it- these Mitchells certainly proved their worth as adaptable planes. It proved to be one of the best weapons and probably one of the most versatile planes of WWII.

Heavily armed, the bomber was used for high and low-level bombing, strafing, reconnaissance, and submarine patrol.

YouTube / hw97karbine

Just imagine flying these planes over the ocean looking for an enemy who is also looking for you. Their bravery never ceases to amaze us!

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