WW2 T-34 Tank Engine Cold Start-Up Barn Fin

WW2 T-34 Tank Engine Cold Start-Up Barn Fin | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / dansubaru

A Great Barn Find

World War II tank engines are simply fascinating, along with the history attached to them. But what if one would find an actual WWII tank in deep storage?

This WWII T-34 tank engine struggled at first with the start-up. After all, it hadn’t been used after all those years! Fortunately, after a couple of tries, the monster 38-liter V12 diesel did roar into life. It’s amazing how it came back to life after sleeping for so long.

Surprisingly, the more the tank was run, the smoother and tighter the engine sounded. It’s also still in great shape. No doubt that the T-34 is a truly formidable tank.

Do you think that this is one of the best tanks made back in the day?

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