WWII Bombers – Low Flybys

WWII Bombers – Low Flybys | World War Wings Videos

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For The Masses

The skies of Chester, Missouri were blessed by these rare and amazing aircraft back in mid-June. There, they saw one of the two flying B-29s in existence – the famous “Doc”. 

If that wasn’t enough, one of the last remaining nine airworthy B-17s, “Yankee Lady”, was in attendance that day too. A PB4Y Privateer, derived from the B-24, also performed low flybys.

To top it off, the video closes with a P-51B adorning the most beautiful shade of blue on its nose and tail. It seems this airshow had something for everybody.

According to someone present during the show, the airshow ended with a performance from the Blue Angels using their famous F/A-18s. Now that is how you end an airshow!

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