WWII Bombers Starting Up Is A Thing Of Beauty

WWII Bombers Starting Up Is A Thing Of Beauty | World War Wings Videos

See These Three Bombers Fire Up Their Engines And Take Off!

How often do you get to see the three major bombers take off from the same tarmac? Not often is the answer, but for your viewing pleasure, here they are! Here you have the B-17 Flying Fortress, the B-24 Liberator and the B-25 Mitchell all taking off from Astoria Airport in Oregon.

Lets take a look at the significance of these planes:

  • The B-17 Flying Fortress was the most loved by her pilots and crew. Responsible for delivering more than half of all bombs dropped on Germany, this tough bird was famous for being able to take multiple direct hits and keep on flying
  • The B-24 Liberator was a more modern version of a bomber than the B-17, capable of higher top speed, having more loading space and traveling further distances. The design did make it more susceptible to damage however, leaving the Flying Fortress the top favorite of crews
  • The B-25 Mitchell bomber was a multi-altitude bomber and was used extensively in ground attacks against the Japanese. Sinking many ships in the Pacific, the B-25 was also equipped with many forward facing guns to inflict more damage while flying by

All together, all three of these wonderful flying machines inflicted significant damage to the Axis powers. Bombing ships, artillery cells, communication towers and any other strategic targets, these planes crippled the enemy and ultimately, shortened the war.

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