WWII Fighter Plane Size Chart

WWII Fighter Plane Size Chart | World War Wings Videos

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The Zero, Huh? Who Knew?

Lately, we’ve been really getting into infographics. They show you really neat perspectives on things you never knew or even thought about and display them in a nice, orderly manner. We’ve done a couple in the past and asked for your opinions on how we were doing and most of you offered us some pretty awesome feedback.

From the way we structure them to what you want to see, making these is pretty fun. We first carefully fact check the information we want to show you, organized it in a manner that makes sense and then of to editing programs we go.

Since we did the bomber infographic last time, you folks asked for us to compare the sizes of World War II fighter planes. It took us a little while, but here you go.

There are many, many fighter planes that took part in the war, so we had to cut some out so the information wasn’t overwhelming.

What we did is this; we selected the most known fighters from all sides. From the UK to Japan, we gathered 9 different planes and threw them on a blueprint graph. Each big square represents a little more than 3 feet and we used that as a guide to make these to scale.

So what did you think? We try to make these infographics as easy and enjoyable to read as possible and welcome any suggestions. We have some in the works now but let us know if you have any ideas. Thanks!

(all blueprint pictures sourced from the-blueprints.com)

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