WWII Flame Thrower Test Against Targets

WWII Flame Thrower Test Against Targets | World War Wings Videos


Well Done!

Well, this is not the most humane weapon used during World War II, however, it is unfortunately part of its history. They were first invented and used by the Greeks in the 1st century, however, they were used more often during World War I. Due to the widespread use of trenches (hence the name “trench warfare”), flame throwers were effective in burning soldiers out of them as the flames followed the dug out paths.

It was during World War II however that the military saw a widespread use of this weapon. It was first used by the Nazis in 1939 when they stormed a Polish Post Office in Danzig. After that, the Allies picked up on them as well and used them to a certain extent as well.

Flamethrowers of old used flammable liquid that spurt out of the nozzle while being ignited upon exit.

As for this clip, it’s a bit less morbid than the flamethrower’s history. A guy that has a lot of Youtube videos about shooting anything you can think of, got his hands on one of these hot tickets. Not wasting time, he showed us how far it can shoot and even had a little mishap and caught his sleeves on fire. Yes, these things are dangerous to operate!

To make it a bit more interesting, he strung up a pig and showed us that a flamethrower can be used for good purposes as well. He points that thing at the pig and sprays it with fire. After a little while it seems to be done. He actually carves out a piece and judging by his demeanor, it was in fact and effective way to make a tasty roast.

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