WWII Gun Cam Footage, Strafing Runs Against The Japanese

WWII Gun Cam Footage, Strafing Runs Against The Japanese | World War Wings Videos

A Pretty Frightening View; Absolutely Horrifying On The Receiving End

Plenty of people questioned the necessity of shooting the lighthouse (and the rice fields). The thing is, because of its structure and location, the lighthouse can look out for miles and spot enemy ships and planes. It’s a huge advantage given that it also makes for a great radio tower which they can readily use should they see any incoming threat. This was probably the gunner’s thought which is why the strafing seemed like a logical idea. Ship navigation could also be another reason.

This is an impressive footage, by the way, as compared to other videos which are of extremely poor quality although the sound of the projector was very distracting. Anyway, the camera didn’t record any sound. The whole purpose of recording was to see how much damage has been done to the enemy and therefore have an estimate what’s still left.

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