WWII Japanese Arisaka Rifle Torture Test – Will It Fail?

WWII Japanese Arisaka Rifle Torture Test – Will It Fail? | World War Wings Videos

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Not What You’d Expect

Okay, if this job has any vacancies, I’d like to sign up and apply. Actually, scratch that, I don’t mind working as the assistant just as long as I get to witness guns like the Arisaka Rifle being put to the test. One of the reasons for the torture test, by the way, is to prove that the common misconception about the Arisaka being of poor quality is not true despite some variations containing cost-cutting features. Before World War 2 though, the British Navy and Russian Army used this weapon in Finland and Albania.

Contrary to some claims, it’s a good rifle. Its performance and design may not be comparable to some of the best rifles used in WW2 but at least we can conclude it’s not that bad. When he said: “That’s why we’re doing it so you don’t have to.”, all I could think of was good one buddy.

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