WWII Lego War Movie: 1941 “Battle Of Brody”

WWII Lego War Movie: 1941 “Battle Of Brody” | World War Wings Videos

Photo Credit: YouTube User Brick Dictator

Blown Away

Whoever did this just won the internet today. This is an amazing work – he did a really fine job with the whole battle scenes. I am impressed and I guess I just found my new hero. I guess I can say I’m blown away by how incredible those explosions looked. Lol, sorry. I couldn’t help it. It’s hard not to like this because it’s simply so dang cool. I wish I could do this but then again, I’m content just watching this masterpiece. This is the kind of animation I wouldn’t mind watching every day. It’s interesting and will keep you hooked.

Fun Fact: LEGO is 85 years old.

It makes me curious how long it took him to make though. Surely, it would have taken a few hours, at the very least, right? So big props to him. It was all so smooth. Although I would have preferred some slow motion just so I can take in the entire experience. Ha.

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