WWII Marine Talks About How Evil the Enemy Was

WWII Marine Talks About How Evil the Enemy Was | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Remembering WWII

Witness To War Crimes

The war crimes the Japanese army did back then are well-documented. However, it is still surprising to discover what great lengths they would go to to make these atrocities possible.

WWII Veteran Walter Filipek shares his story about his encounter with a Japanese soldier’s abominable photograph. The picture shows a group of Japanese soldiers in front of the Great Wall of China with what looks like Chinese prisoners of war. The Chinese had their heads cut off and put in a box that resembles a bird cage. 

His saying, “Shoot first and you’ll live longer”, proves to be true in his experience. He never took any chances and shot first whenever possible. You cannot take any chances during the war, says the Purple Heart and Bronze Star Awardee.

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