WWII Plane Paradise: An Airshow With Very Low Flybys

WWII Plane Paradise: An Airshow With Very Low Flybys | World War Wings Videos

Youtube / Mark COLLEN

High Speed Low Passes Caught In One Of The Most Beautiful Places In The World

St. Barth hosts one of the most prestigious sailing races around the world. With the world’s largest sailing yachts coming in for the meet, the event is nothing short of spectacular. Over the years, this gathering has grown into something even bigger, and now an airshow is part of the whole extravaganza. What’s more, in 2015 the airshow hosted some of the most iconic World War II planes. This footage is from that event.

St. Barth is short for Saint Barthélemy, a French-speaking island in the Caribbean.

The significance of this awesome airshow is only surpassed by its location, as St. Barth is just an extraordinary place to visit. The person who took this video found the perfect spot to film these awesome low passes too. Standing at the crest of a hill, he pointed the camera over the turquoise ocean as the planes flew in. He then captured their low flybys at the edge of the hill, following them into a beautiful ravine. All in all, our warbirds just get accentuated by this island and we’re glad to have found this for you!

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