WWII Planes: This Photographer Takes The Most Breath-Taking Photos Hands Down (30 Photos)

WWII Planes: This Photographer Takes The Most Breath-Taking Photos Hands Down (30 Photos) | World War Wings Videos


30. This veteran DC-3 flying over the Pacific Ocean

29. The subtle beauty of the Corsair

28. Still quite a sight

27. This heavy beast

26. This fleet that’s too good for words

25. Our kind of squad

24. Makes you wish you were there

23. This perfect shot of the TBM-3E Avenger

22. Everyone’s favorite BUNNY

22. This aircraft which was extensively used by the Allied Forces

21. The Bent-Wing Bird looking like a real beast

20. As of 2015, only ten of these remain airworthy

19. Pretty much why we all want to be pilots

18. Dear Santa, we know what we want for Christmas

17. Epic shot

16. Bunch of bombers

15. Sunrise adds the perfect touch to this shot

14. Gotta love that reflection

13. The sunlight made it look more dramatic

12. Legends

11. Anyone else want to fly this bird?

10. Scary enough for you?

9. Two splendid views

Another shot from last month’s epic air to air shoot with the Collings Foundation Wings of Freedom Tour warbird fleet over the coast of Orange County, California. It was such an honor to be able to capture the entire tour group in this rare formation photoshoot. Top to bottom… B-25J Mitchell ‘Tondelayo’ flown by Will Dismukes, B-17G Flying Fortress ‘nine O Nine’ flown by Robert Pinksten, B-24J Liberator ‘Witchcraft’ flown by Jim Goolsby, and the TF-51D Mustang ‘Toulouse Nuts’ flown by David Vopat. Daniel Wotring is piloting the T-6 Texan photoship. Looking forward to working with the Collings Foundation again next year! #aviation #aviationphotography #avgeek #airtoair #air2air #ww2 #worldwar2 #collingsfoundation #wingsoffreedomtour #bombers #history #flight #warbirds #canon #photography #canon_photos © Britt Dietz – http://www.warbird-photos.com

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8. Pick one

7. Nothing beats classic warbirds

6. Tondelayo says “Hello!”

5. Mrs. Virginia looking to kick some serious ass

4. Angry and menacing

3. Zeke is a real stunner

2. What’s Up Doc?

1. Perfect timing

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