WWII Sherman tank engine startup

WWII Sherman tank engine startup | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / militarymuseum.at

Squirrel Starting Up

Panzerfarm’s M4A1 Sherman tank saw service during WWII and was also operated by the South African military. Today, “Squirrel” is a part of the Kęszycki Brothers Collection in Poland.

These old tanks housed five crew members and were made of rolled homogeneous steel for added protection. In total, M4A1s had a combat load of 70,600lbs with a net power-to-weight ratio of 11.3 horsepower per ton. This ratio was achieved using a Continental R975-C4 radial engine that could produce 350 to 400 hp at 2,400 rpm. Because of this, the tank can reach a speed of 21 to 24 miles per hour.

You can hear its engine slowly come to life before the tank eventually moves to cross the road. Almost nothing can beat the beautiful and unique sound of the Sherman’s radial engine. 

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