WWII Soldier Chucks Dog Out Plane Door–Sacrifices Had To Be Made

WWII Soldier Chucks Dog Out Plane Door–Sacrifices Had To Be Made | World War Wings Videos

You’re Not Going To See That Happening Nowadays.

Everything has its genesis and sometimes it’s not pretty. For the first plane to the modern cellphone, looking back at how things started out can be quite entertaining. Other times, it can be downright shocking.

While looking for some cool and interesting facts about World War II, we came across this little gem. It’s about Paradogs. Yes, you read that right. Dogs that were used in conjunction with paratroopers. Used to carry supplies and help out in the field by sniffing out bombs or clearing paths, these K-9s were a real help to the troops on the ground.

Getting them on the ground however was the hard part at first. The picture below shows how the U.S. military approaches the issue today. The dogs are strapped in tight to the soldiers and directed upward so that they can breathe when falling among other measures to make the them as comfortable as possible. Before we got to this stage of the game however, experiments had to be conducted.

As the video below will show you, these dogs were literally picked up on thrown out the plane. They were trained a bit to help them adjust to the noise of the plane and so forth, but after that, they were on their own. Toward the end you can see a few of these landings too. Sadly, they didn’t seem too soft, but that is what paved the way for the technologies and systems that are in place today.

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