WWII Vet Gets 3 Bullseye Hits At 1,000 Yards

WWII Vet Gets 3 Bullseye Hits At 1,000 Yards | World War Wings Videos

via mowryric/YouTube

“Once A Sniper, Always A Sniper”

World War II army sniper Ted Gundy fought in the Battle of the Bulge and with all his contributions to the country, Ltc. Daniel Hodne awarded him with the “black hat” which is one of the highest awards a marksman could ever receive. And this made Gundy part of an elite group of shooters.

At 86, he may not be as strong and his hands may not be as steady when he was younger but the moment he settled behind his rifle, you can clearly see that he still has the same focus. It will give you chills. At 300 yards, his aim is perfect. But when he gets to 1,000 yards, you just know why he absolutely deserved getting his own “black hat.” You can only imagine how much of an excellent sniper he was in World War II.

Thank you kind sir for your service and for giving us our freedom.

First He Gets 3 Hits at 300 yds with 1903 Springfield Rifle

Then He Nails 3 Headshots With Modern Sniper Rifle at 1,000 yds

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