WWII Veteran Shows Off War Trophies Taken From Defeated Nazis

WWII Veteran Shows Off War Trophies Taken From Defeated Nazis | World War Wings Videos

Heroes of the Second World War

Trophy Rack.

The veterans of World War II, are now in their 90s and they may not have a whole lot of time left with us. A teenager named Rishi Sharma has been traveling the country determined to interview as many veterans as he can and to learn their stories. Some of those veterans picked up a few spoils of war along the way and they can tell some very intriguing stories.

It may seem controversial to collect and display Nazi memorabilia but in this case, they are war trophies. The veteran interviewed cut these insignias off of German prisoners as a reminder of the struggles he endured, the battles he fought and the men who died for the sake of freedom.

“We have a responsibility to document their experiences so that such a devastating war will never happen again and so that those brave men did not die in vain.”

– Rishi Sharma

In this video, Rishi Sharma takes the time to interview with a WWII veteran who went toe to toe with all kinds of German military units. It is really inspiring to see him talk about his little trophy case that has souvenirs from everyone from Luftwaffe to elite SS soldiers.

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