This WWII Video Shows What America Used To Be About

This WWII Video Shows What America Used To Be About | World War Wings Videos

We Need To Get Back To That ASAP.

This is a bit of a nostalgic idea, but when we saw this video (which  you’d think was totally unrelated), it got us thinking. Where have we gone? With our new technologies, endless information in our pockets made by people on the other side of the globe, we have lost some of what made this country great. This isn’t a Trump piece by the way, so don’t draw any conclusions.

This video simply shows airmen during World War II salvaging parts from broken down planes. It’s actually an interesting piece to watch, as they walk you through the tiniest details of even how they washed the nuts and bolts. We know you guys are big fans of this stuff, so watch it and you’ll learn something new for sure.

Coming back to our original point though. We get our stuff from only god knows where today. Then, we just throw it away like nothing. Whatever it was you can simply buy a new one. Although not everyone has this mentality, this is the general trend this country’s been going towards for decades.

Looking at this video we couldn’t help but wonder; we were getting out of a major economic depression and entered a World War. We started producing things, by the thousands. We made things like the B-17 Flying Fortress that could take a nasty beating in the sky, stay in one piece and fly her men back home.

Yet, we still salvaged parts. Sure, we could have made more parts but it wasn’t the mentality we as a country had. Why throw something away and leave it in a heap of rubbish for eternity if you can just reuse it?

We could use some of that nowadays. In a society of instant gratification and expendable products, a little common sense goes a long way and can make a big difference and eventually turn back time on our country. In a good way of course.


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