WWII’s Infamous Squadron Many Don’t Even Know About Is Finally Getting A Movie

WWII’s Infamous Squadron Many Don’t Even Know About Is Finally Getting A Movie | World War Wings Videos


Incredibly Dedicated Airmen, That’s For Sure.

Since many of you are World War II aviation fans, we’d safely assume you know about Squadron 303. As our fans base has grown over the years, however, we’ve noticed many people just love the looks and sounds of these aircraft as well as their historic importance but are not well versed in other areas. That’s great, and we’re here to introduce everyone to as many new factoids as we can.

The movie Hurricane: Squadron 303 does not have a release date yet as principal photography is not done yet, but it does look promising.

The movie’s plot revolves around the infamous No. 303 “Kosciuszko” Polish Fighter Squadron. Formed on August 2nd, 1940 in Britain with a barebones crew of only 21 pilots, it became the highest scoring Polish R.A.F. squadron with minimal damage to their own crew. They were hailed to be one of the fiercest fighter pilots not only because of their skill but also because of their vengeance, having their homeland blitzed not even a year beforehand. Over the course of the war, they flew nearly 10,000 sorties, shooting down some 300 enemy aircraft.

That only thing that we can find wrong with this movie, and this is strictly for you Game of Thrones fans, is that it’s going to be incredibly hard not to think of Ramsey Bolton when watching it. Hopefully, he won’t be cast as a likable character.

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