WHAT? You Can Now Take A MiG-29 To The Stratosphere?

WHAT? You Can Now Take A MiG-29 To The Stratosphere? | World War Wings Videos


Let Me Just Sell My…Everything First.

MigFlug is a company that achieved something really awesome. They burrowed their way into a special place between civilians and fighter jet operators and now serve as a middle man to give you a flight you otherwise couldn’t even dream of.

The video we’ll show you here is of a man’s flight in the MiG-29. We chose this one because it goes the fastest and flies the highest, however, this company has a couple other jets to choose from. Aside from that, you can also fly in a MiG-15, Jet Provost, T-33, L-39 Albatros, L-29 Delfin and the Hawker Hunter.

This company offers flights at 11 locations around Europe, but have since expended to California, Florida and Canada.

The prices of the flights vary a lot, however, the MiG-29 experience is the most expensive as you can imagine. The flight costs about $18,000 USD, but if you think about it, it’s really a trip of a lifetime. This is one of the best jets in the world, but if it doesn’t strike your fancy, wouldn’t you pay that same price to go up in an F-16 for example? How about an F-22 or a vintage P-51 Mustang?

We’re just saying it’s all relative. Despite that, check out this video in which they’ll tell you what that price entails, the stats and other great facts.

If you already have your credit card in your hand, here’s the website where you can book your flight. If you do, send us a video!

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