Elite Unit Tracks Down WWII-Era Mines – Gigantic Explosions Shake The Seas

Elite Unit Tracks Down WWII-Era Mines – Gigantic Explosions Shake The Seas | World War Wings Videos

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The waters surrounding Europe proved to be one of the most dangerous places anyone could venture during WWII. There were numerous threats including attacks from massive destroyers, sneak attacks from submarines and aerial bombardments. Yet one of the biggest threats to nautical travel during WWII still persists more than seven decades later, naval mines.

Naval mines come in all shapes, sizes and have been proven to be surprisingly resilient over the years. These mines are difficult to detect when placed deep beneath the surface of the water causing the destruction of many boats and submarines. While the chances of colliding with a submarine are pretty slim, they are far more deadly than most people think because they are magnetic and will be attracted to passing vessels and detonate.

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Members of NATO’s Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) have taken it upon themselves to rid the Baltic Sea of mines that have plagued the area for decades. They seek out the mines using scuba equipment and explosive charges in order to execute controlled detonations. These explosions get pretty big even though they are under water and the crew is having a blast in this video.

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