Two Huge Rc Fighters Crash Spectacularly During Airshow

Two Huge Rc Fighters Crash Spectacularly During Airshow | World War Wings Videos

RCScaleAirplanes / YouTube


It Always Happens In A Blink Of An Eye.

We’re going to be honest here. We’ve never flown Rc planes but we’ve been around them for a bit. Seeing someone fly one of your favorite planes around a local park is awesome, as it happens more often than airshows. It’s not the same of course, but still neat. Point is, we know how quickly things can go awry.

The Corsair in the video flew for the past 20 years.

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In this video we found on YouTube, you’ll see exactly what we mean. From the looks of it, it was a Fw-190 tailing a Corsair and all looked spectacular. They were both trailing smoke and came in for a nice low pass.

Then, the pilot of the Butcher Bird got a bit too close to the Corsair and quickly pulled up.

The end result was wood chips all over the field. By reading the comments of the uploader on YouTube, we found out that the Corsair was in the Rc airshow circuit for 20 years. The video you’re about to see is how it ended.

Although sad, every Rc pilot will tell you that it happens eventually anyway. She’s had a good run.

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