1700hp P-51D Mustang Onboard – PURE SOUND!!!

1700hp P-51D Mustang Onboard – PURE SOUND!!! | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / PaddyPatrone

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It’s no secret that anyone who stumbles upon a P-51D video instantly becomes a fan of the warbird. After all, the Mustang carries historical significance on top of its already impressive design.

This P-51D Mustang, called the Francess Dell, is one of several Mustangs still airworthy today. The Frances Dell is painted the same as the P-51 of Lt. Clark Clemmons of the 84th Fighter Squadron and 78th Fighter Group. Clemmon’s Fighter Group features the checkerboard design on the underside of the nose, which can also be seen on this Francess Dell. 

Throughout WWII, Clemmons flew his Mustang throughout Europe while operating out of RAF Duxford in Cambridgeshire, UK.

Today, this P-51D (S/N: 44-74453) is owned by Georg Raab in Germany, who is also the pilot in the video. You can skip to the 2:42 mark to see Raab perform aerobatics with his Mustang. It’s a treat you don’t want to miss!

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