2023 F-16 Viper Demo El Centro Air Show 

2023 F-16 Viper Demo El Centro Air Show  | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / spencerhughes2255

Impressive Flying

The official name of the F-16 is the “Fighting Falcon,” but the jet is commonly called the “Viper” by pilots and its crew because of its close resemblance to a viper snake. While the plane was initially designed as an air superiority day fighter, it has quickly evolved into a successful all-weather, multi-role aircraft.

The video features an F-16 Viper demo at the 2023 El Centro Air Show where the plane is piloted by Capt. Aimee “Rebel” Fielder. We got to see its engine startup, taxi out, and take off to the skies. 

Capt. Fielder got to show off her magnificent flying skills as well, as if flying an F-16 looked so easy. The maneuver done at 8:28  has got to be one of our favorites!


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