5 Interesting Facts About the B-17 Flying Fortress

5 Interesting Facts About the B-17 Flying Fortress | World War Wings Videos

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The B-17 was a rugged strategic heavy bomber that was used in the 1940s and was used in every theater during WWII. 

Here are five interesting facts about this iconic plane: 

1. It left a bad first impression

During its second evaluation flight, the B-17 encountered mechanical issues while airborne, causing it to crash and kill the crew onboard.

The B-17 lost the contract, but its features were too promising, leading the USAAC to eventually procure thirteen B-17s, as YB-17s.

2. There’s no other US bomber that dropped more bombs than the B-17

In total, 640,000 tons of bombs were dropped on Germany by the B-17.

3. It took part in Operation Aphrodite where it flew unmanned

During the operation, 25 B-17s modified into drones were loaded with approximately 20,000 lbs of bombs.

They earned the nickname, “Aphrodite Missiles.”

4. There were enemy B-17s as well

Around 40 B-17s were captured and then subsequently modified by the Luftwaffe to cater to their needs.

These enemy B-17s were used by Germany against the Allies. 

5. It’s the third most-produced bomber in history

The B-17 ranked third as the most-produced plane in history.

Approximately 12,732 Flying Fortresses were produced between 1936 to 1945.

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