5 Best Upcoming Air Superiority and Interceptor Aircraft of the World

5 Best Upcoming Air Superiority and Interceptor Aircraft of the World | World War Wings Videos

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These cutting-edge platforms combine advanced technologies in terms of stealth, propulsion, and weaponry to outpace and outmaneuver potential threats. Focusing on enhanced sensor connectivity, digital design, and versatile armament, these planes represent the pinnacle of airborne aviation. 

Mikoyan MiG 41 (PAK DP)

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Mikoyan is actively involved in creating the next-generation Russian stealth interceptor aircraft and heavy fighter known as the MiG 41 or PAK DP.

The plane is set to replace the MiG-31 in the Russian Air Force by the mid-2030s, featuring advanced capabilities for stealth operations. It’s designed to achieve cruising speeds that exceed Mach 3 ensuring rapid coverage of Russia’s vast territory.

The strategic focus of the plane includes intercepting hypersonic missiles which is achieved through the integration of a multifunctional long-range interceptor missile system. 

KAI KF-21 Boramae

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Korea Aerospace Industries is set to start a mass production of this plane by 2026, phasing out outdated F-4s and F-5s from the Republic of Korea Air Force. 

The asserted quality of the airframe is much greater than fourth-generation fighters although it lacks the internal weapons bays akin to fifth-generation counterparts. However, there’s potential for the introduction of internal bays in the later stages of development. 

Chengdu J-20S

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The in-development twin-seat version of the J-20, which is identified as the J-20S by defense experts, was initially observed in October 2021 within a Chengdu Aircraft Corporation facility.

This twin-seat stealth fighter emerges as a potentially more resilient and widely distributed alternative to conventional airborne warning and command post aircraft. 

F-22 Raptor

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The US Department of Defense is set to implement a substantial upgrade to the F-22 Raptor, which makes a significant enhancement for the stealth fighter. 

Among the anticipated upgrades are the integration of the Thales Scorpion helmet-mounted display/weapon cueing system, a long-range infrared search and track sensor, and other upgrades. 

F/A-XX Program

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This program is dedicated to the development of an upcoming sixth-generation fighter, replacing the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet in the US Navy. 

The project aims to explore advanced technologies including extensive sensor connectivity and adaptable “smart skins.” These next-gen platforms are also designed to accommodate missile systems, feature power, and cooling capabilities for directed energy weapons, and integrate sensors that are capable of targeting objects with minimal radar cross-sections. 

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