Rarest A6M5 Zero Starts up and Taxis

Rarest A6M5 Zero Starts up and Taxis | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Oliver Ambrosia

All It Needed Was Some Fuel

This footage is taken from the December 2022 Hangar Talk/Flying Demonstration series. It features the world’s only airworthy Zero equipped with an original Nakajima Sakae engine.

YouTube / Oliver Ambrosia

The average radial aircraft engine can be a bit temperamental when you try to start them. The Zero here was obviously not sucking fuel for some reason, but once the pilot got it right, the fighter started immediately. 

YouTube / Oliver Ambrosia

Got to say, this was an engine that was considered very advanced for its time. It’s built with the ability to cancel out the torque, allowing the Zero to turn sharp in both directions and have a massive advantage during a dogfight. 

It’s a relief to see the Zero finally start-up at the very end!

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