Air Force REALLY Close To Laser Armed Jets–You Won’t Believe When

Air Force REALLY Close To Laser Armed Jets–You Won’t Believe When | World War Wings Videos

Now That’s What We’ve Been Waiting For.

It’s only been about 100 years since the first machine gun was strapped to a civilian plane making it the first fighter during World War I. During the Second World War, we saw an extreme increase of innovation when it came to fighter planes which became faster, more maneuverable and deadlier in terms of armament.

Today, we only have to wait four more years to see the first laser equipped plane.

“It really is a national tipping point…we see the technology evolving and maturing into something that can really be used.”

The Air Force has been working with Lockheed Martin and DARPA for some time now trying to harness the already existing and effective laser technology and make it useful on aircraft. Boeing already tested their Compact Laser Weapons System which can track and shoot down anything from aircraft to missiles.


Using such technology in airplanes however is more difficult. So far the lasers developed have been stationary on the ground, where as planes travel fast of course. We can give you more information on this, but the video on the bottom of this article will give you a quick and comprehensive look at what to expect. They had many obstacles to overcome, but it seems like they’ve done it.

Star War’s “pew pew pews” are just around the corner folks.

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