Aircraft Losses During The Battle Of Britain Were Just Staggering-Stats Explained

The Biggest Air Battle The World Has Ever Seen.

The British really stuck it to the Germans during the Battle of Britain. Having stormed through Poland and France, the Germans knew that Britain would be more of a challenge, but they severely underestimated their wartime production but more importantly their will to win.

Although only three months long (the Germans believe it was longer), this battle was brutal. Over 3,000 planes were shot down during that time and the loss of life was tremendous. Not only did pilots lose their lives but also more than 40,000 civilians as well.

We dug through some other interesting facts in books and online and came up with this little video. We tried to make it as informative as possible without being dry. There are entire movies and documentaries done about this event, so squeezing all the information into two minutes would be impossible. That’s why we kept it short and to the point.

Let us know what you think. Also, if you’d want to find out about something else that interests you, let us know. If enough of you request a topic we’ll do the research and make a video. Thanks!

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