Another Video Of This Week’s ‘Low Altitude Contender’

Another Video Of This Week’s ‘Low Altitude Contender’ | World War Wings Videos

combat_learjet / Instagram

Guy’s Good For Sure.

A lot of times we show you folks really cool but random flybys from the internet. Most of those times we have no idea who filmed it or who did the flyby but we can all appreciate “cool” when we see it. Here, however, we know exactly what’s going on and the flyby is one of the lowest we’ve ever seen.

Now, we’d like to put in a little prideful shtick and say that we’ve built a really awesome aviation community here. So much so in fact, that many of our followers are pilots and started sharing their videos with us. This is exactly the case here.

This video came to us from Capi Rodger, the Director and Founder of the Flyers Team. He is also the person in the cockpit of this Learjet in the video.

The team was born in 2004 in Mexico to promote “general and sports aviation” according to their site. Although this flyby might not look safe in the opinions of our readers, the team focuses on the safety of their team and spectators on the ground. Since their inception, they’ve never had an incident.

Just want to give a shoutout to Capi for sending us the video and for putting together a great team.

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