B-1B Lancer Pilot Cockpit Tour and Take Off

B-1B Lancer Pilot Cockpit Tour and Take Off | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / PlanesTV

Best Cockpit Tour

Stephen Carey call sign “Pistol,” and Captain Robert Fleming call sign “Flash,” gives viewers a tour of the B-1B Lancer’s cockpit, explaining some of its unique capabilities during the during the 9th Bomb Squadron’s 2021 visit to RAF Fairford, UK.

According to Pistol, down low, the B-1B “Bone” flies a lot like a fighter jet when they put the wings back, and maneuver it like a fighter jet up there. Up high, it flies a little bit like a heavier aircraft. But when they push it up and go fast like 1.2 Mach, it flies just like a fighter jet. 

Overall, this has got to be one of the best B-1 cockpit tours we’ve ever seen, showing us the inner workings of the plane. We also couldn’t get enough at how much power in has during take-off. Awesome plane!

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