The B-29 Crash Site That Has Remained Untouched

The B-29 Crash Site That Has Remained Untouched | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Sifinds

Piece of History Frozen In Time

Located high up in the area of Bleaklow is a site of a B-29 wreckage that crash-landed on November 3, 1948. Most surprisingly, you get to see the actual location of the scraps the way it was when the bomber crashed.

In fact, the site stayed almost the same, and we’re glad it hasn’t been desecrated too much over the years. In the video, we get to see some of the B-29’s fuselage, wheels, landing gear, and other parts surrounding the area.

By Douglal – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

The modified reconnaissance (R)B-29 Superfortress aircraft was on a routine daytime flight when they descended and hit the ground 610m above sea level. It was engulfed in flames, killing all 11 crew members and two military passengers aboard the plane. In 1988, a memorial was placed at the site in memory of those who died in the crash.

YouTube / Si-finds Thames Mudlark

It’s definitely a surreal place to visit, especially during foggy conditions like the video was shot. 

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