Bf 108 Taifun Startup

Bf 108 Taifun Startup | World War Wings Videos

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From Racing To Combat Service

The Bf-108 Taifun was first introduced into service in 1935. Surprisingly, this four-seater aircraft is still airworthy to this day.

Designed to be a sport and touring aircraft at first, the Taifun was soon adopted into the Luftwaffe during WWII. While in service, the Bf-108 was deployed as a personnel transport and liaison aircraft – among other things.

Its most famous mission came on January 10, 1940, during the first stages of the war. You can read more about the “Mechelen Incident” by clicking this link.

Nowadays, this Taifun is enjoying its retirement under the care of the Quax Flying Club at Flugplatz Bienenfarm.

The four-seater still has its Argus As-10 260 HP V-8 engine capable of propelling the aircraft to 190 mph. Check out how cool the Argus As-10 sounds in the video below!

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