Big WW2 AIRCRAFT ENGINES Cold Startup and Sound

Big WW2 AIRCRAFT ENGINES Cold Startup and Sound | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Car Test Channel

Sweet Sound of Engines!

It was during WWII that warfare changed drastically from other combat tactics from the previous wars. Aviation played a key role, and warring nations vied for air dominance, working on enhancing their aircraft.

At the end of WWII, speed and power had improved significantly, and aircraft engine designs have become more sophisticated as greater power was needed for higher engine rotating speeds.

This footage features big WWII aircraft engines’ cold startup and sound. If you ask us which aircraft and engine we liked the most we have trouble choosing! But we’ll go for the BF-109 (it drives us nuts that its engine is inverted!) and the Spitfire start-up was sweet as well. 

How about you? Which do you think fared well on this compilation?

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